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AMV Contest

Welcome to Yukicon 2017 AMV contest. Please read the rules carefully before sending in your entry. All questions regarding the contest can be sent to amv [ät] yukicon.fi.

Breaking these rules will lead to disqualification of the video. Disqualified videos will not be sent to the judges. You are welcome to change the video and send it to us again if the contest is still open. In these situations, we will contact You.

Contest schedule

  • Contest opens November 18th, 2016
  • Contest deadline January 18th, 2017
  • Preliminary judging January 19th – 31st, 2017
  • Preliminary judging results February 5th, 2017
  • Winners announced at the finals at Yukicon February 18th – 19th, 2017


The contest is open to everyone.

You may participate with any self-made anime- or game music video. You’re in the preliminary judging automatically as long as you send your video before the deadline on January 18th, 2017, 11:59 pm. The videos sent after the deadline are automatically disqualified. The judges will do a preliminary judging to choose the finalists and all the participants are informed of the results by February 5th, 2017. The final show is held at Yukicon 2017, on February 18th-19th.

You can not send in a video that has

  • been in the finals in another Finnish AMV contest
  • won an award in another Finnish AMV contest
  • received an honorary mention in another Finnish AMV contest
  • won an award in any other AMV contest

You may enter a maximum of two (2) videos to the contest. The video can be made by you alone or it can be a collaboration or a MEP. The video needs to be somewhat new. We don’t accept any entries that were edited before 2016. You are welcome to publish your video online before the contest, although we recommend you don’t. The contest has no categories, so the sky’s your limit. We will, however, try to find a variety of different AMVs to the finals so be original!

You can join the contest even if you are unable to attend the convention yourself. Please inform us of this when you send us your video.

The contestants will pay the normal entrance fee to the convention. Seats are reserved for the finalists in the front row during the contest.

You can send us a short description of your editing process or for example screenshots your editing: effects, masking, song cuts, etc. Everything that’s especially great and self-made about your video. The host of the contest will go through the sent materials and send them to the judges with the videos as long as the materials don’t reveal anything about the editor of the video.


Video length 1min 30sec minimum, 6min maximum.

The footage of the video must mainly be anime or game cutscenes. Using manga pictures is allowed. You may use multiple video sources. Try to use the best possible quality footage.

The audio must mainly be music, so that the definition of a music video is fulfilled: for example using only trailers, TV commercials or dubs isn’t enough.

No R-rated material. The content and context of your entry must be suitable for an age 13+ audience.

The video can not have any text that is meaningless to the video itself. For example subtitles, opening or ending credits, anime or channel logos. Please do not add credits to the video, or any other text that reveals the name of the editor. You are allowed to use typography (for example, song lyrics) and you’re allowed to name the anime, song and for example names of the characters in the video.

We will be creating an intro for all the videos, which will be shown before the video.

Please state your name/username and the video name in the video file you send us.

We recommend using MP4, but other formats are accepted as well.

Minimum resolution accepted is 480p. 720p or 1080p is preferred. We recommend you render your video in the same resolution as your source material.

Accepted framerate: 23.976 / 24 fps, 29.97 / 30 fps, or 59.97 / 60 fps.

Please note that if there is some problem playing your video, the contest host may need to convert your video. In these situations we will contact You first.

Please add two seconds of empty black silence to the start and end of each entry.

Please try to keep the filesize of your entry below 250 MB.

How it goes

The contest is open till January 18th, 2017. We recommend sending your video to us as early as possible to avoid any last minute issues.

After the contest is closed, the videos will be sent to our judges anonymously. The judges will do the preliminary judging and choose the finalists. Participants will be informed of the results by February 5th, 2017.

The judges will award four (4) videos and the winners will be announced after the contest. There will also be an ongoing voting of the Audience’s Choice. The judges can choose to give out honorary mentions to the videos. The same video can not receive more than one award or honorary mention. If one of the winners can not attend the convention, the award will be shipped to them after the convention.


The awards in the contest are:

Judge’s Awards

  • Best beginner
  • Best story
  • Best technical
  • Best in show

Special Awards

  • Audience’s Choice
  • Yuki-kun’s Favorite
  • The Challenge

In addition to these awards the judges can also give out honorary mentions. The same video can not win more than one judge’s award, but can be awarded a special award.

Best beginner

This award is pretty self-explanatory. The videos are divided into categories based on the experience of the editor. The judges will award the best video in the beginner category. The videos in the beginner category can also be awarded any other trophy (but not two Judge’s Awards for the same video).

Please inform us of your experience when sending in your video. False information can lead to disqualification of the video.

Best story

The video needs to have a clear and understandable story, whether it is the original story of the source footage or your own creation. It is important to try to get the story across to everyone, not just people familiar with the footage. The story can be anything and you are free to use text and voice overs to help bring it out.

The winning video does not need to be technically perfect, but in situations with multiple candidates for the award, technical details will be taken into consideration.

Best technical

The video chosen for Best Technical needs to be in good shape editing-wise but also the video file needs to be in check. Show us the best editing you can do, it does not need to be an incredible action video, but give us all you’ve got. The judge’s will also keep an eye on FPS, audio and video quality as well as the filesize of the video.

Best in show

Judge’s ultimate favorite. The best in show can be any video regardless of style, category or source material. The judges will be looking at the technical know-hows but the important thing is that the video works as a whole.

Audience’s choice

Chosen by the audience during the finals at the convention. The vote is via text message, and the instructions are given at the contest. The vote closes at the end of the contest during the award show.

The text message voting is brought to us by Kyuu Eturautti. Huge thanks to him in advance.

Yuki-kun’s favorite

Chosen by Yuki-kun, the convention mascot. Yuki-kun’s favorite can be any video, based on anything. Yuki-kun won’t be looking at the technical side of the video, but how the video works and looks good to him.

The challenge

The Challenge is for a bit more experienced editors. This definition is up to you and you alone, it is not determined by how much you’ve won or how long you’ve been editing. However, the host of the contest can suggest The Challenge to you based on your entry. Please check the box when sending in your video if you wish to join (this can be changed later and the sent videos to The Challenge are only known for the host of the contest).

The idea of The Challenge is to create a music video that is out of your comfort zone. For example, if you mainly edit parodies, time for some drama. If you mainly edit drama, how about some proper action? The choice is yours, get creative!

The winner of The Challenge will be given a special award by the host of the contest. Your videos will still be judged separately and anonymously by the 5 judges. The winner of the challenge can also win an award from the judges.


How to join

Send us your videos through the Velhosto Xfer -transfer service.

  1. Go to http://xfer.velhosto.fi/
  2. Transfer code: yukicon17-amv
  3. Write your e-mail, name and / or username
  4. Sender reference should cover the video title, list of used audio- and videomaterials and whether you’re coming to the convention.
  5. Add also how long you’ve been editing whether you want your video to the Beginner category. If you wish to have your video considered for the AMV-organizer’s challenge, let us know.

After this you’re free to move forward to upload your video and possible other attachments. You can upload all your files at once.

If you have any problems, try another browser. If the problem continues, contact the AMV-organizer.

All the information above must be in the application.


Contact the contest host at amv [ät] yukicon.fi

Ota yhteyttä!