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Artists’ Alley

The Artists’ Alley enrollment  is closed.


At the Artists’ Alley, we are searching for amateurs of handicrafts, drawing and other forms of art, whom are willing to sell and showcase their works at Kokoustamo. Known from the past years, the room 103A will serve as the venue for the Artists’ Alley. There’s going to be self-made drawings, handicrafts and fanart for purchase.


The enrollment for the Artists’ Alley is done through a portfolio screening, and shortly after the enrollment period has ended, a group of organizers will gather together to choose the artists for the year 2018. There’ll be different artists selling their merchandise on both days.


The price for a place at the Artists’ Alley is 29€ + entry for Saturday and 26€ + entry for Sunday. The entry can be for one day or for both days of the convention.


In artists’ alley related questions, you can contact us at taidekuja [at] yukicon.fi