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Cosplay is allowed in Yukicon, but by all means it is not obligatory. Please do keep in mind that Yukicon is organized at a public venue, which means that everyone attending Yukicon must abide by the Finnish Law. For an example authentic looking weapon replicas and sharpened weapons must be left at home.

Yukicon offers the chance to change into and out of costume as well as fix costumes in public dressing rooms, that are open to all guests of Yukicon. There are three dressing rooms; one for women, one for men and one unisex.

Once again it is possible to enjoy cosplay competitions at Yukicon. This time we will witness three different competitions on-stage.

Hall Cosplay-competition, which does not have advance registration. The competitors are chosen at the venue, from among the attendees. In Hall Cosplay, the costume must be based on a licenced source, and there must be official, licenced reference material at hand.

Photoshoot-competition, where people compete as a pair or group with one (1) cosplay picture. One pair or group must include both the photographer and the cosplayer/s. Judges will award the Best Shot and the audience will choose their favourite. The only rule to the Photoshoot-competition is, that the cosplays depicted in the picture must be based on existing and licenced material.

Group competition, where people compete in groups of 2-5 people. As well as judging the quality of the costumes, the group is judged as a wholesome entirety. The costumes must be from licenced, existing videogames (mobile, console etc.).

Yukicon is also looking for capable and enthusiastic cosplayjudges! The registration starts in October, and more detailed information is on the way. If sitting at the judge’s side of the table sounds like something you’d want to do, then stay alert of Yukicon’s social media accounts! The registration will be announced throughout Yukicon’s social media.

If you have questions about cosplay at Yukicon, please do email us at cosplay [ät] yukicon.fi.

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